Running a business can be hard work on the best of days. But what happens when things go wrong? Now back in business after a fire that almost shut them down, Steve and Anita from Beach Bistro have three big learnings:

1. Check your insurance cover. Check it regularly with your accountant. Business changes over time. You may think you’re covered for things you’re not. Is your insurance cover up to date?

2. Your customers are your biggest asset. We’d never have reopened if not for the goodwill, understanding and support of our regular customers. Looking after great people is what hospitality is all about. It’s what keeps us going.

3. Consistency is important. Hospitality is the business. Evolution is key. Maintaining a familiar environment and consistency of service and food is why customers return. We all want that ‘home away from home experience where everyone knows our name’.

Beach is back, seven days a week. Drop in for breakfast, lunch or our à la carte dinner service. We look forward to welcoming you to our dining room.

(First published and permission to post by ShoreLines Magazine)