New Wallart Beautifies Browns Bay

During the Summer of 2021 we collaborated with two exceptionally talented and accomplished local artists, Jane Mason and Ester Tongs, who produced stunning wall art that enhances our town centre, and attracts a lot of attention to boot! Huge thanks to Jane and Ester for their very generous contributions to improving Browns Bay's townscape.   [...]

New Wallart Beautifies Browns Bay2021-03-04T11:03:04+12:00

Whale Tales 2022

Thanks to the voters who helped to select the design of a beautiful piece of art which could eventually become part of Browns Bay’s landscape. The Whale Tales 2022 art trail will showcase 100 uniquely designed whale tail sculptures throughout Auckland for 10 weeks. This event is run by WWF-New Zealand, in partnership with Wild [...]

Whale Tales 20222021-03-03T18:09:42+12:00

Winner of the Hello World Competition

Congratulations to Helen (shopped at Shoe Talk) and Derrick (shopped at Augensteins) for winning $2000 worth of Travel each — thanks to the Browns Bay Business Association, New World and especially Hello World Browns Bay.

Winner of the Hello World Competition2019-08-19T04:51:36+12:00

East Coast Bays Community Project

The East Coast Bays Community Project operates from the Bays Community Centre and provides a wide range of community events and activities as well as managing both the Centre and St Anne's hall for community use. Activities organised by the group range from exercise classes on the beach front like 'Shake your booty Browns Bay' through [...]

East Coast Bays Community Project2019-07-09T05:09:55+12:00

Browns Bay ‘Cairo to Cape Town’ African Street Festival 2019

After about three weeks of uninterrupted sunshine, the rain really picked its moment to arrive in Browns Bay. Not only was there an absolute downpour, but the flooding caused a power outage too! Nevertheless, a great time was enjoyed by everyone who showed up for the food, culture and wonderful music. Once again, Sally [...]

Browns Bay ‘Cairo to Cape Town’ African Street Festival 20192019-06-19T00:42:34+12:00

Shifting a tank – Browns Bay Christmas Parade

For the Browns Bay Christmas Parade, ShoreLines was lucky to secure the services of Crown Xu, a member of the Special Operations Forces Club - and the owner of the only road-licensed tank in New Zealand. The appearance of a tank certainly piqued everyone’s curiosity! Transporting the tank - all 16 tons of it [...]

Shifting a tank – Browns Bay Christmas Parade2019-06-19T00:44:35+12:00

Serving up a smashing time at The Jumbo Tennis Tournament!

Jumbo tennis is a quick fire, team event, where the short games are played with oversized racquets. Rotary Browns Bay's fourth annual fundraising jumbo tennis tournament is on Friday 15 March at the Albany Tennis Centre. Play commences at 4.30 pm, and entry is open to individuals, organisations and schools – basically anyone who'd [...]

Serving up a smashing time at The Jumbo Tennis Tournament!2019-06-19T00:45:18+12:00

Browns Bay’s gentlemen’s walking group

If you're a retired chap who'd like to stretch your legs and enjoy good conversation, why not meet up with the village's walking group. The group's been going for about 20 years, and in fact it started because the gents' wives already had their own walking club. The men gather every Friday at 8.30 [...]

Browns Bay’s gentlemen’s walking group2019-06-19T00:45:42+12:00
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