June 2024

Autumn brought more changes to the town centre, including welcoming new businesses. Just Tech at 87-101 Clyde Road specialises in computer and mobile repairs and sells accessories. PNP Farms' Butchery purchased Browns Bay Butchery at 6 Inverness Road. Veggie Box, a fresh fruit and vegetables delivery service, moved into 751 Beach Road. Naila Beauty and [...]

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Rocking Out With Rumpus Machine

How one local band is shredding the classics and amassing legions of fans worldwide. By Lizzie Brandon. The Jackson 5, The Corrs, The Osmonds, Kings of Leon, Sister Sledge, Bee Gees. Brother and sister acts have a fine pedigree in popular music. And now there's another name to add to that list of sibling successes: [...]

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April 2024

We have certainly had our fair share of new businesses opening in Browns Bay over the past year. They have been mainly eateries and services businesses such as beauty and hair salons. People ask "why is this?" and "why isn't there a larger retail presence?" Great questions that would take several pages to answer as [...]

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A pint-potted history of The Browns Bay Brewing Co

"I thought you guys had closed." "What am I going to do about my Christmas Party booking now that you're going out of business?" When are you selling off your brewing equipment?" When Deep Creek Brewing Company went into liquidation in October 2023, there was a fair amount of confusion in the local community about [...]

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February 2024

As a longtime resident of Browns Bay, I have traditionally headed out of Auckland over the Christmas/New Year break to explore other parts of the country, but this year I stayed at home. I didn't feel any need to venture further afield to relax, unwind, and experience what I already have right here - great [...]

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December 2023

Browns Bay is here to help with your Christmas shopping. Make the most of our high street stores where business owners know their community inside out, and go the extra mile. Calm the rush of frantic Christmas shopping in our relaxed beachside environment where life happens, albeit in a healthier style. If you're not planning [...]

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Get Into Gear

Lockdowns, working and schooling at home, and other Covid-related lifestyle adjustments have resulted in less need for us to be out on the roads. Many vehicles that normally see daily use have been sitting idle, some unused for long stretches of time over the past couple of years. Like humans, vehicles tend to perform better [...]

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You Don’t Have To Make A Purchase To Make A Positive Impact

Browns Bay town centre has been eerily quiet. With parking aplenty, and empty benches at the beachfront, Omicron has played a significant role in keeping folks at home. Town centres such as ours are left questioning their ongoing viability as businesses confront a third year of trading in a global pandemic. We have every confidence [...]

You Don’t Have To Make A Purchase To Make A Positive Impact2022-04-19T17:03:16+12:00

Deep Creek – A great place to share friendship and food

Talk about 'pub grub', and most of us think of fish and chips, burgers, ribs, and steaks. Deep Creek Brews & Eats in Browns Bay offers all these hearty favourites but also caters for diners with slightly more adventurous tastebuds. The ShoreLines Magazine team was invited to sample a selection of the summer menu's Small Plates. [...]

Deep Creek – A great place to share friendship and food2022-03-04T16:34:26+12:00

Some of NZ’s Best Ice Cream Is Right Here

On a glorious summer's day, what could be nicer than a delicious ice cream on the beachfront. And in the Bays, we're really spoilt - because Penguino Ice Cream Café  is amongst the country's crème de la crème. Penguino was recently nominated by locals and visitors for the NZ Herald's 'Top 10' Best of Summer campaign in the [...]

Some of NZ’s Best Ice Cream Is Right Here2022-03-04T16:27:57+12:00
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