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Waterworld Inflatable Floating Waterpark In Browns Bay This Summer

Waterworld's Epic Summer Tour 2020/21 includes two visits to Browns Bay in January 2021.  This is the first time that the giant inflatable waterpark is coming to a beach north of the Harbour Bridge, and we're so excited they've chosen Browns Bay!  The course will be located just off Browns Bay beach shoreline from 2 [...]

Waterworld Inflatable Floating Waterpark In Browns Bay This Summer2020-12-03T16:07:19+12:00

New Wallart at 85 Clyde Road

As part of our campaign to beautify Browns Bay, the Business Association has received consent from the owner of the wall at 85 Clyde Road to install murals. This is a busy alley for people walking between Clyde Road and Beachfront Lane, and Beach Bistro is on the walkway. Invitation to Local Artists We invite [...]

New Wallart at 85 Clyde Road2020-11-23T14:22:18+12:00

Welcome to The Clyde

John and Pauline Purdon moved from Glasgow to Rothesay Bay in 1997. As the new owners of The Clyde (formerly Velvet Gypsy) they arguably offer customers the best of both worlds:  high professional standards (honed during more than 30 years in corporate) combined with warm Scottish hospitality. "We want our patrons to enjoy an old-fashioned, [...]

Welcome to The Clyde2020-06-17T16:23:15+12:00

Coronavirus: Looking after our own backyard

An update from Kim Murdoch, Town Centre Manager. The world is in the throes of a pandemic that hits at the heart of us all. These are unusual and worrying times that will have lasting effects on every level. Will our elderly parents come through unscathed? Will our small local businesses survive? How long [...]

Coronavirus: Looking after our own backyard2020-04-14T14:09:27+12:00

The beachfront of the future? La playa del futuro?

The beachfront of the future? Could Spanish design innovation inspire a solution to the village's car parking conundrum – and reinvigorate the heart of the town? After reading the article about Browns Bay's wharf in the Feb/March issue of ShoreLines, Anne and Rick Dezoete contacted the magazine, saying: Yes, to a wharf [...]

The beachfront of the future? La playa del futuro?2020-04-03T16:13:26+12:00

A deeper dive into Safeswim

Why might "high risk" warnings be placed on our local beaches? What does it mean when a site is tagged with a red pin? And, where can residents find out more about beach conditions in the Bays? Safeswim is a partnership between Auckland Council, Watercare, Surf Life Saving Northern Region and the Auckland Regional [...]

A deeper dive into Safeswim2020-04-03T11:00:14+12:00

Glenvar Rd and East Coast Rd improvements

ShoreLines asked Hibiscus and Bays Local Board members, Julia Parfitt and Alexis Poppelbaum for an update on this important roading project. After significant pressure from the community, Julia Parfitt and local MP Erica Stanford, a $45.6M upgrade to Glenvar Road is due to start in 2022. Late last year Auckland Transport (AT) consulted with [...]

Glenvar Rd and East Coast Rd improvements2020-04-03T10:41:20+12:00

Winner of the Hello World Competition

Congratulations to Helen (shopped at Shoe Talk) and Derrick (shopped at Augensteins) for winning $2000 worth of Travel each — thanks to the Browns Bay Business Association, New World and especially Hello World Browns Bay.

Winner of the Hello World Competition2019-08-19T04:51:36+12:00
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