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    Getting to Browns Bay

    Browns Bay is closer than many people think. Our seaside community is an easy destination for visitors from all of Auckland, whether you wish to walk, bus, drive or bike Browns Bay, is a destination worthwhile for your trip.

    Driving and Parking

    Browns Bay is an easy destination to access by car, located in the north of Auckland our shopping centre is easily found from all directions. It is only a short drive from the Northern Motorway.

    Once you’re here, there is no need to worry about those enormous parking fees found elsewhere in Auckland. All parking is free in Browns Bay! The only thing you need to consider is the time limit on some of our car parks. Please take note of these whilst parking as we would hate for you to acquire a parking ticket!

    • For a fleeting visit of 60 minutes or less, you can park almost anywhere, even on our main street, just be aware of the loading zones.
    • For a brief but extended visit of less than two hours, you can park just off the main street, down one of our side streets, parking time limits down these streets range from 90 minutes through to no time limit at all, just keep an eye out for the parking signs.
    • For a longer visit of greater than 2 hours we recommend parking down Anzac Road, Inverness Road or Bute Road past the intersections of Glen Road as after this point it is no longer timed parking.

    Please note that the Clyde Road car park is a private parking space, the times are monitored up until 9pm every evening, be extra wary of the time when parking in this area.

    Browns Bay is located near the top of Auckland, so if you want to experience Auckland’s great cafe culture and beachside environment without travelling too far south or hitting the much dreaded Auckland traffic, Browns Bay is a great option. Only 20 minutes drive from Orewa, 15 minutes from Dairy Flat and 35 minutes from Helensville, it is a great option for either a day or short trip.

    From the City, Browns Bay is only a short 25 minute drive away. Escape the concrete jungle in the weekend, experience a beachside community and excellent cafe culture. First, take the northern motorway, then take the Greville Road exit, from here follow the signs to Browns Bay and you’ll be at your destination in no time at all.

    From Auckland’s western suburbs such as Henderson and Massey, Browns Bay is only a 20-30 minute drive. A nice, close beach destination for the family or for a group of friends to catch up. Getting to Browns Bay from the western suburbs is simple, just head out on State Highway 18, this will lead you to up to East Coast Bays Road, from here Browns Bay is straightforward to find.

    By Bus

    Buses are a fast, easy & cheap option for travelling to Browns Bay. There are bus services all over Auckland that can reach Browns Bay.

    The 839 Bus which leaves from Albert Street travels almost directly to Browns Bay, stopping on Clyde Street in centre of the town. Alternatively you can catch a Northern Express Bus (NEX) from Britomart, and transfer to a connecting bus, 880 at Constellation. This will drop you off on Bute Road, right in the heart of Browns Bay.

    The 130 bus runs from Westgate through to Constellation, from there a connecting bus, 886 can be caught. This will drop you once again on Bute Road in the heart of Browns Bay.

    Auckland Transport Journey Planner

    These are just a few of the bus services available from Auckland Transport that can be used to get to Browns Bay. Below is the northern bus service timetable, this is a comprehensive guide for all the bus services to and from North Auckland. Here you will be able to find the closest bus services from your location to Browns Bay.

    Auckland Bus Services to Browns Bay

    Walking and Cycling

    Te-Araroa Coastal Walkway

    If you feel like some exercise and as well as great views, try the Te-Araroa Walkway which runs along the coastline from Devonport all the way up through Browns Bay, finishing at Torbay. The full length of the track is 23km long, and takes approximately 7 hours to walk, however, if you feel like a shorter walk, the track is easily accessed from any point on the shore. It’s a great way to get some exercise in, walk the dog, or get to see our beautiful shorelines on your way to have some time out in Browns Bay.

    When using this track, however, please be aware of the changing tides, as some parts of the track are only accessible at low tide. Rocks on the track may be slippery and dangerous at certain times.

    In these circumstances, there is a second route which also follows the coastline but at the cliff-top level. The all tide route is marked by Te Araroa logos, markers on posts, and small fingerboards on poles.

    Te Araroa-North Shore Coastal Walkway Map


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