Better Blokes – Men supporting men

Sadly, many intimate relationships aren't happy and healthy. Worse still, many aren't even consensual. Better Blokes is a registered charity offering peer to peer support for men recovering from emotional, verbal, physical or sexual harm. The society's overall goal is to free present and future generations from the effects of childhood emotional, mental, verbal, [...]

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Protecting our beautiful corner of the world

Pest Free Hibiscus and Bays is a new initiative, supported by the Local Board and part of a broader project across Auckland. The goal is to bring together and assist individuals and groups who are working to reduce pest animals and plants. Richard Chambers is the local co-ordinator, and he says that his main [...]

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Shifting a tank – Browns Bay Christmas Parade

For the Browns Bay Christmas Parade, ShoreLines was lucky to secure the services of Crown Xu, a member of the Special Operations Forces Club - and the owner of the only road-licensed tank in New Zealand. The appearance of a tank certainly piqued everyone’s curiosity! Transporting the tank - all 16 tons of it [...]

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Serving up a smashing time at The Jumbo Tennis Tournament!

Jumbo tennis is a quick fire, team event, where the short games are played with oversized racquets. Rotary Browns Bay's fourth annual fundraising jumbo tennis tournament is on Friday 15 March at the Albany Tennis Centre. Play commences at 4.30 pm, and entry is open to individuals, organisations and schools – basically anyone who'd [...]

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Browns Bay’s gentlemen’s walking group

If you're a retired chap who'd like to stretch your legs and enjoy good conversation, why not meet up with the village's walking group. The group's been going for about 20 years, and in fact it started because the gents' wives already had their own walking club. The men gather every Friday at 8.30 [...]

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Art in the Plaza

What a glorious day for the Art in the Plaza event held on December 16th. Several East Coast Bays artists joined together to showcase some amazing local talent. From watercolours to acrylics, landscapes to caricatures, there was truly something for everyone to enjoy. Artists arrived early in the morning to set up display tables [...]

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