Talk about ‘pub grub’, and most of us think of fish and chips, burgers, ribs, and steaks. Deep Creek Brews & Eats in Browns Bay offers all these hearty favourites but also caters for diners with slightly more adventurous tastebuds.

The ShoreLines Magazine team was invited to sample a selection of the summer menu’s Small Plates. On a sunny lunchtime, we sat under the canopy, enjoying the gentle breeze and taking in the view of Browns Bay’s beachfront. Tracy and Andrew presented us with four dishes:

  • Chicken liver and brandy pâté, served with fruit salami, crackers, toasted ciabatta
  • Roasted miso and sesame-glazed eggplant, pickled daikon, rocket, edamame beans, spring onions, cayenne-candied cashews, pistachios
  • Lamb meatball parmigiana, with Arrabbiata sauce, parmesan, fresh basil
  • Papaya tiger’s milk ceviche – citrus-marinaded fresh snapper, capsicum, coriander, pickled onion, chilli, furikake

The pâté is one of Deep Creek’s longest-standing menu items. It’s satisfyingly indulgent, and the homemade fruit salami (with figs and pistachios) was a delightful accompaniment to cut through the richness.

The meatballs were served in a most delicious sauce. Arrabbiata is less sweet than a standard tomato sauce, and we used a few crackers (leftover from the pâté) to scrape round the sides of the bowl!

Originating in Peru, ceviche is raw, fresh fish ‘cooked’ in citrus juices. It’s a popular staple across the Pacific Islands too – refreshing, healthy, and a tasty lighter option. It’s a great addition to the menu, and also now features on Deep Creek’s famous Beachfront Platter.

As for the eggplant, this was possibly the most surprising of the plates. Created by one of the brew house’s Korean chefs, the marinated aubergine had real zing, and the candied cashews were a sweet, crunchy treat.

These dishes are designed to be shared. The portion sizes are generous, and it would be easy to gently graze away an afternoon or evening, especially in the company of good friends, with a beer or two. And if you’re not sure which beer to try, ask your server. The team is enthusiastic about the brews on offer and always happy to make match-up recommendations.


Review by ShoreLines Magazine, February/March 2022