Browns Bay is here to help with your Christmas shopping. Make the most of our high street stores where business owners know their community inside out, and go the extra mile. Calm the rush of frantic Christmas shopping in our relaxed beachside environment where life happens, albeit in a healthier style.

If you’re not planning on travelling internationally this summer, you could dine your way around the world right here in Browns Bay. Home to a superb range of excellent eateries are Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Turkish, Greek, Indian, French, British, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Italian and NZ cuisine.

The latest addition to our growing hospitality community is Dandi, a Korean restaurant featuring a modern twist on Korean skewer wine bars. Dandi is located at 32 Beach Front Lane (next to 21 Days Bar & Brasserie).

We loved bringing our early celebration of the arrival of the festive season by lighting up the Christmas tree on 17 November 2023. The Christmas tree lights will come on each evening around dusk until the first week of January. We encourage you to bring your friends, family and out-of-town visitors into town to see the lights.

Browns Bay businesses and the Business Association executive committee wish you a wonderful festive season, happy holidays and an amazing summer full of family, friends, fun and frivolity.


Published in ShoreLines magazine, December/January 2024, p.14.