Browns Bay town centre has been eerily quiet. With parking aplenty, and empty benches at the beachfront, Omicron has played a significant role in keeping folks at home. Town centres such as ours are left questioning their ongoing viability as businesses confront a third year of trading in a global pandemic.

We have every confidence that you, the public, will return soon. And while it is crucial for the survival of small businesses that you shop local, sometimes it’s the little acts that cost you nothing that can end up creating more exposure for businesses in the long run.

There are several FREE ways you can offer your support:

Write a review: on Google or Facebook. Nowadays online reviews are widely referred to so it is a great way to inform potential consumers about a business. Be honest and detailed when talking about your experiences.

Follow their social media: on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Engage with the content – like, share and tag friends in the comments. This is very helpful to the business owner in knowing what content to push out. Use hashtags relevant to the business you are highlighting.

Subscribe to emails: a good option if you are really dedicated to a business and want to receive updates and offers. Also, you can easily forward emails of interest to family, friends and colleagues.

Word-of-mouth: still an extremely effective way to recommend a business. It adds that important personalised element.

Visit the store: even if you’re not buying, pop in and show your support – it means a lot.


First published, and permission to post, by ShoreLines, April/May 2022 issue, p.14