The Future of the Village Centre

THE NATIONAL PERSPECTIVE Research by NZ Post recently found that New Zealanders spent $3.6 billion online in 2017, with the average online shopper spending more than $2,350 annually. The report also found that local retailers' online revenues increased by 9% - outstripping growth in "bricks and mortar" sales.* What is the future of the [...]

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25 years of International Friendships

East Coast Bays' International Friendship Group has just celebrated its silver anniversary. For 25 years, new migrants have received the warmest of welcomes as they acclimatise themselves to life in NZ. It all began when Lois Dudding (who worked for Adult Literacy and was on the committee of the ECB Community The group's members [...]

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The complicated world of organics

The "good life" may be blooming, but it's far from simple Back in the early 1980s, when Prince Charles started using words like "sustainability" and "organic" he was viewed by some as a radical and even as the butt of jokes. But now, the global market for organic food is worth approx. €85bn (NZ$146bn), [...]

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Bark in the Park …

And the band played on... Despite the weather not coming to the party, Bark in the Park (which was relocated to the beach because of a waterlogged park), was enjoyed by those brave, courageous souls who did attend. This canine friendly social was held on Saturday 14th July between 12 and 4pm. The event [...]

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Rotary Club of Browns Bay supporting Trees for Survival

Trees for Survival is the only environmental programme currently supported by the Rotary Clubs of New Zealand. The project began in 1991, and is administered by a charitable trust that promotes the growing and planting of native trees by school children. The hope is that, by encouraging organisations to sponsor and support primary and [...]

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Get a haircut @ Amanda Baker and help save the Planet

You may be surprised to learn that the salon industry sends more than 1,500 tons of recyclable aluminium back to landfill each year in Australia and New Zealand alone. That’s 1.5 million kilos, about 715 cars, or four jumbo jets! Unfortunately, aluminium doesn’t degrade easily; it actually contaminates the soil for 500 years. Add [...]

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Two years on from the fire: What did we learn?

Running a business can be hard work on the best of days. But what happens when things go wrong? Now back in business after a fire that almost shut them down, Steve and Anita from Beach Bistro have three big learnings: 1. Check your insurance cover. Check it regularly with your accountant. Business changes [...]

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