An update from Kim Murdoch, Town Centre Manager.

The world is in the throes of a pandemic that hits at the heart of us all. These are unusual and worrying times that will have lasting effects on every level. Will our elderly parents come through unscathed? Will our small local businesses survive? How long will it take for the New Zealand economy to recover from the effects of COVID-19?

International travel has virtually disappeared in the space of a few days, and a sure sign of a shift in our local economic climate is that street parking is readily available on Clyde Road! We need to pull together and look after our own, while keeping ourselves safe and well by taking sensible precautions. There’s a plethora of regulations and guidelines emerging about how to stay healthy and stop the spread of the virus, but how do we ensure that our small local businesses come through this crisis?

Please SHOP LOCAL whenever possible! The Browns Bay Business Association’s next SHOP LOCAL promotion for Mother’s Day runs from 6th April to 6th May. We are excited to offer a $2,000 travel voucher – not necessarily to spend now! – but to look forward to using any time until May 2022. Thanks to House of Travel Browns Bay for their generous contribution in the midst of this stressful period. Skin Deep on Inverness Road is also offering a “Pamper Mum” gift voucher, which the Business Association is matching. Two lucky mums will be truly spoilt this Mother’s Day, so SHOP LOCAL and enter the competition as many times as you want to be in to win.

Please think twice when buying goods and services. Use local high street providers as these are the businesses that have less ability to take the strain, and will fnd it hardest to bounce back if sales go down.

Stay safe and well.

(First published and permission to post by ShoreLines Magazine)