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Repco Heritage

The early 1920s were an important time for transport in Australia. After WWI Australians were taking a major interest in motor vehicles following the introduction of the Model T Ford in 1908. There were almost 100,000 cars on the road – almost one car for every 55 people!

In Melbourne, one enterprising young man identified a growing need to make replacement parts for all those cars on the road. Geoffrey Russell opened a small factory in a tin shed in Collingwood, Victoria trading under the name Automotive Grinding Company.

Around the same time in Queensland, three men decided that they could carry mail by air. Their company would become Australia’s national Airline, Qantas. Geoff, in his little factory would not have known that he was building an equally iconic Australian brand, Replacement Parts COmpany (REPCO).

Repco was soon trading all over Australia, and internationally. During WW2 most of Repco’s capacity was turned to supporting the war effort. Post war highlights included Repco’s development and manufacture of many components of the first Holden, the 48-215 of 1948.

In 1966, Repco Brabhams propelled Sir Jack Brabham to victory in Formula One Racing, the only time that any individual has won both the World Constructor and Driver Titles. This feat is unlikely to ever be repeated.

Repo continued to grow and expand – moving into New Zealand and developing the famous dual format, Retail/Trade stores during the 1980s.

Repco Today

The Repco brand stands for ‘Authenticity’ derived from having quality products which have earned the trust of our customers for over 95 years.

Repco’s distribution system ensures customers are provided the right parts at the right time. No other competitor can boast of such a wide store footprint. Our regional store network services country towns better than anyone else.

Our partnership with GPC, the world leader, positions Repco with sheer scale, world-class information and logistics systems, and financial capacity to significantly increase the speed of our planned growth in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific. This will further ensure that Repco can get the right products to the right place at the right time at competitive prices for our customers.

With an Australasian footprint of over 400 stores supported by over 4000 staff, unmatched distribution and on-line solutions, Repco remains number one in the Australian automotive aftermarket, standing proud as one of Australasia’s most iconic brands.