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Shan Moulder is a third generation butcher originating from South Africa. At the young age of 13 Shan already knew that he wanted to be a butcher and learn the great skills and specialised knowledge required. He started helping in his dad’s shop (Alberton Meat Market which was established in 1979) on weekends and school holidays, watching and learning from his dad and grandfather doing what they did best. Shan brings with him his grandfather’s boerewors and pork sausage recipes that originated in 1943, as well as making biltong the same way his grandfather taught him. Both of these family recipes are a huge part of the success of his dad’s shop, which is still going strong.

Shan had 13 years of butchery experience behind him when he moved to New Zealand in 2010, when he joined NOSH, working his way up to the position of butcher manager, and managing five of the Nosh butchery departments. Then he decided to take the next step: opening his own shop in Browns Bay. He is extremely proud of THE MEAT ROOM.

Shan takes an enormous amount of pride in what he does, and is always willing to share his knowledge and passion of good quality meat, and a few cooking tips. He is all about tradition, quality and passion, and loves developing relationships with customers, providing them with the best quality and service that he can.

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