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Shop 7, 25 Anzac Road, Browns Bay 0630
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Tastegreece Food Trading Limited is a family business.

The company started in early 2010, from 2 brothers who emigrated to New Zealand with their families. The idea behind the formation of Taste Greece was to be able to share the quality of the food the founders were used to enjoying in their mother land.

As with all new businesses, the first years were hard, but eventually Taste Greece managed to establish itself as the only specialized Greek product importer in New Zealand. The current range of products imported is very large and extends to most sectors of the food industry (retail, wholesale, food service and more) but also to non food products like pots, chairs and other specialized items.

In August 2014 one of the brothers decided to move towards a different career path so Giannis remained the sole owner of the company. At the same time Taste Greece moved to 6 Wilk Lane in Browns Bay in facilities that service the rapidly growing needs of the company. This is also when the retail outlet “Little Greece” opened and gave consumers the opportunity to taste the full range of products in one space. “Little Greece” is currently run by Donald’s wife Emily.

We hope you got what you were looking for on our website, but please remember that we always try to keep our customers happy. So if there is any complaint, remark, or suggestion we would very much appreciate your feedback.