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JKS Northshore originated in 2007 in Browns Bay. We are your local, family-oriented and outcome-focused Karate Club. We are passionate about teaching Karate to both children and adults, and at the same time, building their self-esteem, strength and discipline. With a new motto: “Lifelong Karate-do”, the JKS organisation promotes and expands the art of empty hand among different age and social groups, aiming to improve society as a whole

Key benefits of training in JKS Northshore karate are:

  • Build self-esteem and self-control
  • Be healthier in body, mind and spirit
  • Be more confident
  • Learn effective techniques
  • Learn discipline
  • Learn how to avoid getting involved in physical confrontations
  • Be less likely to abuse alcohol, smoke, or take drugs
  • Be more respectful towards yourself and others
  • Be regarded as a role model
  • Keep in shape while having fun

The aim and objective of JKS Northshore Karate club is to foster, administer and advance the art of traditional Shotokan Karate here in New Zealand.

Our goal is to teach, motivate, educate and guide our students and instructors while promoting exemplary ethics in Karate-Do. We promise to do this through regular training of the highest order, course and grading events, special courses and, of course, competitions for both juniors and seniors alike.

Our classes are tailored for both young children, through to adult karate-ka at all levels.