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I have a strong belief that my clients choose to work with me because professional, friendly service is important to them. Granted, they wouldn’t be happy with mediocre imagery, but good photography is the expectation – it’s taken as a given. 

I receive a lot of word-of-mouth referrals, and the stand-out reason for this is that I truly look after the people who choose to work with me. I place a lot of importance on exceeding the expectations of my clients – and I’ve become very adept at doing just that. 

The simple truth is that, in order to give your clients more than they expected, you first need to know what their expectations are. Secondly, you need the experience and skills to surpass those expectations.

Every client I work with gets the full benefit my experience and knowledge. This is my company, and I take its reputation and the inherent responsibility of client service very seriously.

I believe that I provide my clients with a skill-set that sets me apart from other service-providers in my industry. 

These skills and attributes are what make me different, and better.