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We might be a little biased, but from all the reviews and emails we receive, we truly believe we are New Zealand’s most loved boutique pet store. We can guarantee when you choose Brooklyn, you’re choosing products your pet will truly and wholeheartedly love. We have dispatched a few thousand orders across New Zealand and our customers keep coming back for more! Our past customers truly are our biggest fans (well… perhaps their pets are) and we think you’ll love us too.

Just like you, we’re also Kiwis, and really want to provide your pet with the comfort they deserve. Our distribution warehouse is located in the beautiful Browns Bay in Auckland (so if you’re ever nearby, feel free to pop in to say hello). We love supporting local rescues, and work alongside the Saving Hope Foundation and Last Lamppost to ensure their rescue dogs are looked after.

We’ve spent the better part of the last few years sourcing, testing and trialling different beds for our dog (Diesel) and our families and friends’ pooches. We really wanted to help them get the best night sleep possible, as Diesel in particular is quite restless by nature. After trying countless beds, and being disappointed time and time again, we sat down and began to design our dream pet bed. After a bit of back and forth, we came up with what is now known as the Brooklyn. Fast forward a bit and we’re still around today, trying to make Diesel’s life better, but have included a few thousand other pets in our mission as well.

So from Diesel, and your pet, thank you for choosing Brooklyn.