As part of our campaign to beautify Browns Bay, the Business Association has received consent from the owner of the wall at 85 Clyde Road to install murals. This is a busy alley for people walking between Clyde Road and Beachfront Lane, and Beach Bistro is on the walkway.

Invitation to Local Artists

We invite local artists who would love to make their mark on this wall, while gaining profiling on a large and highly visible ‘canvas’, to submit their designs for consideration.

Theme:  the natural beauty of Browns Bay

Paint: supplied courtesy of Mitre 10 Browns Bay

Project Deadline: our ambition is to have the project completed by 28 February 2021

The paintable area of the wall is approximately 30m long x 3.4m high. There are air conditioning units and ducts on the wall that must not be painted.  We propose dividing up the wall into sections of 5m  x 3m (x 4) and 5m x 1.7m (x 1) for an assortment of murals.  Having said that, if an artist would like more or less space, we are open to it.

Email your design(s) to Town Centre Manager or call Kim on 022 047 9740 with queries.


Terms & Conditions

  •  The wall must be thoroughly cleaned and prepared before the mural is installed.
  •  The artist will use the paint recommended by the authorised supplier, Mitre 10 Browns Bay
  •  The design will be vetted and approved by the Browns Bay Business Association
  •  Landlord approval of the design will be obtained prior to painting commencing
  •  The design will enhance the immediate environment, and the town as a whole.
  •  The design will be inoffensive to an audience of all ages, gender, race and religion.
  •  No profanities may be used in the design.
  •  Browns Bay Business Association’s decision on the murals to be installed is final.